LIGHTROOM PRESET LR1285 Shoppe – 145 Fashion Bundle Presets 1175470


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LIGHTROOM PRESET LR1285 Shoppe – 145 Fashion Bundle Presets 1175470

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LIGHTROOM PRESET LR1285 CM – Fashion Lightroom Presets Bundle 1175470
Fashion Lightroom Presets Bundle
Are You A Professional Fashion Photographer looking for a completely stackable & versatile Fashion Workflow Lightroom Preset System? This 145 Fashion Presets Collection is capable of creating practically unlimited unique & powerful fashion looks for your brand & studio.
You can practically create any kind of fashion look you want using just these 145 Presets. You are not limited to just a few 1 Click Effects but you can stack different effects one over the other and create any fashion look you desire!
Instead of selling a bundle of 1000 Presets of which only a few handful are good & decent, we would much rather be happy selling just 10 top-notch presets each of which are completely handcrafted & scientifically designed so that you don’t have to waste your time hunting through thousands of presets only to find a few ones that actually make the cut.
The focus is purely & intentionally on quality & not on quantity. We do not want you to waste your precious time hunting through an ocean of presets only to find the one effect you were looking for.
Using our fashion Lightroom Presets – Workflow Bundle you can have a variety of 1-Click Effects & also stack different presets together to practically create any one of the looks mentioned below:
Vintage Looks
Pastel Looks
Retro Vintage Looks
Matte fashion Looks
Filmic fashion Looks
Mono-Chromatic & Sepia Looks & even
HDR Looks


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