LIGHTROOM PRESET LR887 Lena Smirnova Presets Desktop ACR


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LIGHTROOM PRESET LR887 Lena Smirnova Presets Desktop ACR

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LIGHTROOM PRESET LR887 Lena Smirnova Presets Lightroom & ACR
Lena Smirnova Presets for Lightroom & ACR
LRTemplate | XMP | RAW Files
Friends, you are a long time waiting for this, and finally, I am happy to present you with your pre-set copyright options for Lightroom, which you can use to correct your images!
For 10 years, I have created and perfected a unique style, brand of pure color, deep and warm shadows, exuding a peach skin.
By no means do I mean that my preset is a magic pill that will solve all your problems. The
80% success depends on the preparation for shooting and light, but the remaining 20%, It can be very tasty and bright cherry. in your creations.
My preset is intended to identify the contrast, depth and density of the image, extends the dynamic range and “spins” the image with warm and cool colors, allowing you to create such rich tones!
Warm tone guarantees a pleasant skin tone and a correction in detail: a clear image without noise.
In the package – 3 presets, different versions of my main processing. Variations are created for your convenience and are signed: for bright images, for warm and deep photos, bright presets, to “draw” colors.
Along with the presets, you get a document with descriptions and recommendations to install and adapt configurations, as well as photo slides presented as examples.
In these pictures you can practice, understand the essence of the configuration and then transfer to your pictures what is near you


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